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Building an Agile and Responsive Grid


Smart Grid provides critical, real-time information to both the consumer and the operator.Intricate detailing of switches and sensors allows the Smart Grid to automatically detect problems, resolve them quickly and alert all stakeholders on any outages. With a Smart Grid in place, you can minimize downtime of your power supply. With real-time information regarding consumption and production, you can create reliable systems, and with reliable systems, you get reliable supply. Imbalance in the grids are monitored and detected in real-time and resolved before the absence of power is noticed by the consumer.

Energy Monitoring

  • C17 is a proprietary Power and Energy Analysis Tool from Techsource, which can be used to analyze energy consumption, derive insightful interventions from it.
  • C17 is an analysis tool that measures and analyzes energy consumption at your plant, stores it in cloud and displays it in dashboard. You can then use this information to automatically or manually adjust your power system and make it more efficient.
  • C17 is mounted in your sub-distribution box on the standard DIN Rail and communicates via cable or wireless with your server, either locally or in the cloud. The data can be presented either on the selected computer or mobile phone.